Small pets


For our smaller pets such as rodents, rabbits, birds and fish, it is important that they can look forward to a proper holiday. That is possible with us.
ask for our pets, we bring their own residence. But just like our dog and cat guests we provide standard for food, bedding, hay and water.
Optionally, rabbits and guinea pigs given a stay of us. For this we have but to stay limited, so you'll need to reserve it in time for your beloved companion.
Also have our little guests a nice stay cool in summer and in winter, when it starts to turn cold, we heat the room, so that all our guests 'caught cold' no.
We also have the ability to make good their (temporary) new environment to explore rabbits and guinea pigs. Without the danger they escape or be trampled.
There are still things that you miss, we discuss it with you
At Home service
Because you are busy during the holidays and enjoy the time together and you do not want to engage in the post, it is much too high and dry grass and plants in the window we want to do this for you.
We take care of your home, so that the post is neatly out of sight, the plants get water right on time, the grass is mowed once during your vacation and get regular water. Also, your cats and small pets stay at home in their familiar surroundings, we also take care of them. All at your home. You need Grandpa and Grandma not to be a burden and you do not have to have that neighbor our wet little country still leaving during your vacation.
We discuss with you beforehand what the needs are, where we can come to meet and the associated costs, so again what you can expect and you can confidently on holiday.